We are NOT just a plant nursery! We carry a complete line of feed for all of your critters.  We also have a large selection of dog feed by Purina (Land of Lakes), Specialty Feed (Tops Line), Taste of the Wild, Chicken Soup, and Diamond Dog foods.  We offer a complete line of Purina (Land of Lakes) and Prime Quality feeds for your horses and cows along with feed to take care of your other pets, from small baby chicks to pigs and goats.  Whether you are in need of a small 5Lb bag of poultry feed or a bulk bag of cattle feed, we will do our best to help you keep your critters full!

Is feeding the birds one of your favorite past times?  We have Wild Bird seed in assorted sizes as well as Black Oil Sunflower seeds and some specialty blends available to keep all your feathered friends full!

We are happy to offer a complete line of animal health products to take care of all your animals’ needs. We have wormer, medicines, treatments, and health supplements available for all your pets, big or small.

We have a nice selection of tack to dress your equine friends. Horse shoes, tools, and accessories available as well as buckets and tubs to stock your barn.

For the small-time poultry farmers we offer an assortment of biddie feeders and waterers as well as small bags of feed and treats.  Incubators and Egg Turners available for those of you interested in growing and hatching out your own biddies.  Quail feed, feeders, and waterers also in stock.

Raising rabbits in your spare time?  We have rabbit feed in assorted sizes, rabbit feeders, waterers, and cages.

Pet carriers in assorted sizes are available along with automatic feeders and waterers.  We stock a large selection of dog collars and can also add a name plate tag if needed. Dog grooming supplies, toys, and treats are popular items too. We make every effort to have just what you need to keep your critters happy!