Come on by and see our HUGE selection of Case Knives. We are proud to announce that we are officially now a Case Master Dealer. Our selection and presentation of Case knives is unmatched in the state of Louisiana.

Got as collector in the family?  We have a selection to choose from that outdoes any other!  Your lil’ buddy needing his very first Case knife?  We’ve got it!  Is your Boy Scout getting his Eagle Scout Badge? We have the perfect gift set that he will always treasure.  Spiritual themed Case knives, Ducks Unlimited sets, and fisherman Case knives make excellent gifts!

Remember that Case knives have a lifetime warranty. If you ever have a problem, just return it to Case & Sons and they will guarantee a replacement.  So, you can’t go wrong buying a Case knife… whether you are looking for an everyday knife, a collectible, or a unique gift idea, you are sure to find what you need in our selection of Case Knives.