For all you avid deer hunters, we offer clean high quality whole corn at GREAT prices!  We have high grade rice bran, now available in peanut butter and persimmon flavors.  Both corn and rice bran are bagged in a water and tear resistant bag.  We bag our own corn and rice bran and when we bag it, then you know it has got to be good!

Seasonally, we offer a variety of attractants to help you bait in “the big one”.  We are known for our very own specialty blend Deer Salad.  In this you will find a mixture of seeds suited to fit most planting areas that will yield great results.  We offer several other attractants such as Molasses, Deer Co-Cain, Trophy Rocks, flavored bricks, Acorn Rage, Crushed Sugar Beets, and Crushed Apple Beets.  Purina Deer Chow is also a favorite among those that like to feed the deer.  Deer Chow is a 20% protein pellet that works very well in feeders also.  We also stock Purina Deer Blocks and Deer Minerals.

What about you hog hunters out there?  We carry the top attractants such as Hog Wild, the ultimate hog bait as well as Liquid Pig Out.

Camouflage clothing by Carhartt remains in stock throughout the year to dress you from head to toe. Winter wear such as beanies, face masks, coats, and bib overalls in stock. Muck boots and Lacrosse boots in stock to keep your feet dry. Camouflage burlap available to disguise your stand as well as machetes, thermacells, and just about everything you need to be ready for your hunting season.